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Boiler Chemical Management

Our company offers comprehensive services for water treatment and maintenance in various industries across Los Angeles County, including Los Angeles, City of Industry, Commerce, Long Beach, and Orange County areas such as Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Westminster. Our expertise also extends to San Bernardino County (including San Bernardino, Corona, and Riverside), Kern County, Tulare County, Fresno County, and Bakersfield. Trust us for professional and effective management of boiler chemicals to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.

Steam Boilers Treatment

Titan Water chemical treatment program is effective for both water tube and firetube boilers. These products allow for optimized cycles of concentration, which conserves water and keeps boiler tubes clean resulting in lower fuel costs.

Oxygen Pitting Treatment

Pitting is the result of oxygen corrosion on the metal surface. This usually begins at weak points and ultimately causes equipment failure. Titan has various oxygen scavengers to fit various applications in solving this problem.

Condensate Treatment

Corrosion control in condensate systems is a vital concern to operators of steam systems. Corrosion occurs when carbon dioxide is released in the boiler with a breakdown of carbonates. The carbon dioxide combines with water and forms carbonic acid. This corrosion in turn results in thinning of the metal and returning iron to the boiler forming deposits. Titan Water uses volatile amines, and filming amines, to control corrosion in return lines.

Five-Part Program for Boiler System Management

Make-up Water Management

By sampling and testing incoming water, Titan determines its chemistry and content. Pretreatment equipment operation is optimized, including clarifying, filtering, softening, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis.

Feedwater Management

Through careful testing and monitoring, deaeration equipment operation is optimized. The value of heat recovery equipment is minimized.

Combustion Management

Deposits on the fireside waste just as much energy as waterside deposits. Titan fireside inspection and deposit analysis results in energy energy-saving deposit control program. Proper combustion management includes tankside additives to improve fuel storage and programs to estimate dew point problems.

Steam and Condensate Management

Oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolved in condensed steam are highly corrosive. By attacking iron and copper impurities are created which insulate boiler surfaces, causing over-heating and tube failure and interfering with proper water conditioning. Titan’s customized filming and neutralizing programs control this corrosion, improving the overall water management system.

Steam Generation Management

Boiler water balance is controlled by a coordinated chemical program that controls scale, inhibits corrosion, and solubilizes or conditions sludge to facilitate its removal through blowdown.

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