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Recycle / Reuse Water Use in Cooling Towers

Serviced Areas: 

  • Los Angeles County
  • Los Angeles 
  • City of Industry
  • Commerce 
  • Long Beach
  • Orange County
  • Santa Ana
  • Irvine
  • Costa Mesa
  • Westminster 
  • San Bernardino County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernardino 
  • Corona
  • Riverside
  • Kern County 
  • Tulare County
  • Fresno County
  • Bakersfield

Things to Consider:

  • What is the alternative source of recycled water versus fresh water and is there an associated cost?
  • Will the recycled water need further treatment to be acceptable? If so, what costs are involved?
  • How much water is available and how will it change the control limits in the tower?
  • Will the water treatment cost of the cooling tower be increased or decreased with recycled water versus current and how much?
  • Are additional water monitoring or feed systems needed and what are their costs?
  • Can you expect equal, poorer, or better protection of the cooling water contacted equipment when on recycled water?
  • How will the treatment change about scale, corrosion control, and micro biocide control?
  • What design issues should be considered?
  • What metallurgy will be impacted by this changing water source?
  • What savings can be obtained by using these alternative water sources?

Call a Titan Water Technology representative today to receive a recycle/reuse water audit. At that time, we will survey your facility, and analyze the alternative water source. You will then receive a feasibility study with our recommendations for design, use, and treatment.

Find out more about our Water Optimization Program – Every Drop Counts.

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