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Water Reuse and Recycle

Recycle/Reuse Water use in Cooling Towers Things to Consider:

  1. What is the alternative source of recycled water versus fresh water and is there an associated cost?
  2. Will the recycled water need further treatment to be acceptable? If so, what costs are involved?
  3. How much water is available and how will it change the control limits in the tower?
  4. Will the water treatment cost of the cooling tower be increased or decreased with recycled water versus current and how much?
  5. Are additional water monitoring or feed systems needed and what are their costs?
  6. Can you expect equal, poorer, or better protection of the cooling water contacted equipment when on recycled water?
  7. How will the treatment change in relation to scale, corrosion control and microbiocide control?
  8. What design issues should be considered?
  9. What metallurgy’s will be impacted by this changing water source?
  10. What savings can be obtained by using these alternative water sources?

Call a Titan Water Technology representative today to receive a recycle/reuse water audit. At that time, we will survey your facility, and analyze the alternative water source. You will then receive a feasibility study with our recommendations for design, use, and treatment. Find out more about our “Water Optimization Program – Every Drop Counts.”

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