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Cooling Tower Management

Scale & Corrosion Treatment

Titan Water Technology has the most advanced cooling products on the market today. Many water impurities result in deposits forming on heat transfer surfaces. Cooling tower corrosion can occur from electrochemical reactions, oxygen pitting or microbiological induced cells from under-deposit corrosion. Our programs are designed to distort crystal formation, passivate the metal surface, sequestering iron and transporting these deposits into solution. We will meet the specific water quality of your system.

Microbiological Control

The control of microorganisms is one of the most critical and often overlooked areas of the cooling water program. Improper and insufficient biological control has resulted in more problems involving fouling, and corrosion than all other areas of cooling water combined. If the microorganisms are allowed to grow, which they usually do in logarithmic fashion, the system will become fouled very quickly. This fouling will normally be noted first in the area of heat transfer, followed by visible evidence in open areas of the systems, such as distribution decks, tower fill and basin.

Titan Water has some of the most advanced microbicides on the market today. Our stabilized bromine product offers all the advantages of other oxidizers at alkaline pH levels with none of the detriments that other oxidizers normally have. Other biocides for cooling towers, and evaporative condensers, include glutaraldehydes, isothiazoline, and oxidizing microbicides. All of our products are EPA registered.